21 February 2012

Counter Life

What can I say? I find make-up counters rather intimidating. The professionals and customers alike generally set themselves higher standards than I do. Nonetheless, I am always drawn to the idea of looking 'better', by which I mean, I suppose, more attractive (a loaded term), and so am drawn also to the make-up counter. I am usually buying nothing more extravagant than a lipstick, this being the cheapest & simplest upgrade. I am obliged, of course, to try the lipstick on before purchase- in the tube and on the mouth are two different things- and in so doing am bound to attract the attention of a sales person. Possibly l end up on one of those little high stools, having the lipstick applied for me, and at much greater length than I had originally imagined. (At home it takes me 4 seconds, max.) The lipstick won't look as I imagined, either. Never mind. The sales person will be able to suggest two or three other shades, & will have to hand a packet of tissues with which to wipe clear the original attempt. After she has gone to such a lot of trouble, it's difficult to escape without buying anything at all, and if I'm lucky, she'll throw in a free sample or two, by way of encouragement. I can depart the counter, the shop, with head held high. The last lipstick I bought was called 'Blondie Pink'- really just the colour of my mouth, only a little more outgoing.

15 February 2012

Ugly ducklings don't always grow up to become swans. Sometimes they just become ugly ducks.