13 February 2014

Should I Wear Jeans Again Today?

So often I ask myself this question, usually when I have worn a pair of jeans for seven days running. Then the next seven days I wear the other pair, while the first lot goes through the laundry cycle. When you work from home, it's so difficult to persuade yourself that any other garment is necessary. Jeans are warm/ easy to put on/ mindless wardrobe/ go with anything/ viable for most activities! Also, frugal, in the sense that I don't have to shop for variety. 
I put up with comments along the lines of 'Did you pay for those holes?' from my dad. They're a small price to pay.

(Again inspired by Wendy MacNaughton, whose peerless 'Should I Check E-Mail' can be seen at wendymacnaughton.com}